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My Memoirs – “A Blind Eye’s View”

 book me photo                        About this book   

  Everyone confronts obstacles in their lives sooner or later, it is how we choose to deal with these issues that control our outcome. Imagine going through life as a naturally shy little girl raised in a southern town just trying to fit in. The biggest obstacle Sherry must face is that she was born with a rare birth defect that affected her eyes called congenital coloboma.

     It was determined at birth that she could not see anything but shadows in her right eye and very near sighted in the left eye. She was also diagnosed with glaucoma and told since birth that she could become blind one day. Not only was she and her family determined for her to live a normal life but she also had to deal with a physical abnormality on the right eye. The pupil was discolored and the eye itself was larger than the other, which resulted in questions, stares and comments by friends and strangers alike.

     You will follow Sherry through a lifetime of survival with the regular hurdles of life plus feel the pain and humiliation of being known as “different.” As she states in her own words…”This was a birth defect on my eye…It’s not like I could conceal it with clothes or make-up. The eyes are the first thing that people see when you meet them.”

     This is a gut wrenching, heart warming and humorous look at one persons inspirational story of survival and learning to love themselves no matter how difficult it may get. You will learn what it takes to overcome your own life’s obstacles.

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A Blind Eye’s View

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A Blind Eye’s View: Seeing Things a Little Differently



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A Blind eyes View | Seeing things a little differently



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