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Is there anyone that needs to be kicked out of your life?  Do they bring you down, talk behind your back, gossip or grumble all the time?  Don’t let them ruin your day, week, month or year.   Get them out quickly so you can get on with it!   Have a fantastic life!


New website dedicated to eye care

Low vision, eye birth disorders, eye diseases, monocular issues, eyes and aging.

A Blind eyes View | Seeing things a little differently


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 My goal is for you to have a website that you can participate in, gain knowledge on topics that will encourage you and inspire you to live a better, healthier life. 

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My personal blog


for my personal blog filled with inspirational thoughts, my humorous day to day life and other random thoughts!


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 Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good I was actually being redirected to something better.
Have you ever experienced this?

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